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Hey guys so I know I've been MIA for as long as we can all remember and then I pop up make some excuse then disappear again! I'm sorry this time around I promise I'm back for good and I'll be adding so much spice to the blog include a food review platform & Video blogs aka VLOGS !!! Hope you're excited as I am!

First post goes up tomorrow and I'm super excited! Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog in one way or the other! I'm grateful & God bless you.




Blac Chyna Flaunts baby Bump on Snapcahat 

Former stripper turned event host and entrepreneur Angela Renee white a.k.a blac Chyna took to snap chat to show off her baby bump . She is pregnant for reality tv star Rob kardashian , brother to the popular tv trio Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Rob and blac Chyna are set to wed very soon and blac Chyna dated and has a son for Rob kardashian’s half sister Kylie Jenner’s Ex Boyfriend Tyga ! Lol twisted right ? Below are snapshots from the video blac Chyna posted on her snapchat 


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Kemi Adetiba’s King Women Teaser Review 


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the genius that is Kemi Adetiba. I would have to confess I really wasn’t a fan of Kemi not for anything specifically but I just never really paid attention to her work . The first time I set my eyes on Kemi was at Paris Deli (now bite) on Akin Adesola in Victoria Island, Lagos . She and my ex apparently attended the same school so they stopped to exchange pleasantries and I just observed but contrary to that I had heard about her on two occasions through a friend . Tall , Dark , Slim and With a well sculpted and highly detailed face. We didn’t say hi or anything . She just exchanged pleasantries with my ex and left . Later on I came across her Instagram and I noticed she had a passion for cooking and had a YouTube Chanel (if you know me you’ll know how much I love all things food and cooking) then she also posted funny videos of herself and funny convos with her family and she listens to WU-TANG!!! Now that caught my attention . So I stalked her Instagram (till this very day) and added her on snapchat too.  Today on my explore page on Instagram I stumbled across a post on her page about her new YouTube series called King Women and I was interested (mind you I’ve watched all her things Kemi cooks videos 🙈) I decided to succumb to the nagging voice in my head that kept telling me to watch the videos because I’ve been procrastinating watching the videos since like forever. I originally planned on watching one but I ended up watching all of them from Chiguls Story about her marriage and her relationship with her mom to Taiwo Ajai- Lycett’s story about her early acting days and how much she misses her Husband ! I watched all the teasers and I honestly can say I’m IMPRESSED! Kemi Adetiba is definitely taking the entertainment Industry to a whole new level , this just goes to show that she holds a unique balance over her life . She shoots exquisite music videos that have you dancing and watching them over and over again and she also captures the moments and emotions of these women that she has in some way managed to convince to warm up to her . Kemi Adetiba is the mordern take on Film making . All other Video Producers and Directors should take a huge cue from her. King women is unique , different and a breath of fresh air , very different from the all so random funny skits and rampant make up tutorial . King women would actually have you glued to your screen , it would sensationalise your interest and arouse your senses😂🙆🏼, it would unleash emotions you never knew you had and it could also relate to a curent situation going on in your life . My opinion is that Kemi should continue If possible expand to TV screens globally . Heck I wouldn’t mind talking and sharing my issues on her show . She’s not playing the mordern day Dr Phil and trying to give advice but she just captures her guests in their element and tries to relate with them and help them ease their pain . Kemi is an extraordinary woman that other women should emulate . She has exceptional love and passion for her craft and had created an avenue for women to express their feelings and open up . Kemi is Bae .  Kemi is the ultimate King Woman 


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Caroline Danjuma comes for follower that blasts her on her issue relating to her marriage yesterday 

Wife of Millionaire Business man Musa Danjuma and popular business owner and Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma shared a lengthy word on Instagram yesterday after It was reported that her husband was seen with an exotic woman having dinner yesterday night . Caroline who is currently on vacation with her daughter lilyBeth took to Instagram to express herself. In the process she made a statement saying “all men cheat”, a follower @thequeentonie (Antoinette) CEO of a popular Instagram /online hair boutique @toniesmane took to the comment section to address the matter and but Caroline in check . Caroline responded , below is the thread of their conversation