Statement Neckpieces- How To Rock ’em

It is amazing how a simple accessory can make a whole lot of difference to an entire outfit.

Each new season, the statement neck-piece seems to be gathering speed. With embellishment still making its presence felt in fashion, it is a clever way to jazz up your look.

Styles to suit you
Petite shapes, wrap the neck in a fine lace collar or look for something that sits flat just below the collarbone, giving the illusion of a longer neckline.

Pear shapes, the bib is made especially for you. Look for pieces that feel glamorous for night and earthy for day (tribal beading is on-trend) and make them part of your signature look.

Busty ladies, look for layered pieces that sit above the cleavage. You do not want your neck-piece bunching between your breasts. Give a delicate blouse edgy appeal with multiple chains at the collarbone and a feature pendant hanging below.

Larger ladies can carry off clusters of crystal, bright baubles and retro styles under a stiff collared shirt or with a wrap dress. Just be sure the size and shape flatters without competing with your décolletage.

Tall and slim types can wear the super-long strings with grace or look to feathered collars.

With everything from tanks to tuxedos, the statement neck-piece adds character.

Hope this post helps! AAB loves you!


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