Someone get an Umbrella: Rihanna turns on the waterworks at Lille concert

Bad gals don’t cry, but it seems one rebellious singer can be moved to tears when the moment calls.
And for Rihanna that was in Lille, France, midway through her Diamonds World Tour concert, where she was overcome with emotion because of the intensity of cheers from the audience.
Wiping away her tears, the 25-year old admitted: ‘I don’t know what the f*** I’m crying about.’
The singer had just finished a rendition of her ballad Stay when at the end of the song she gave a shout out to the French town and her Gallic fans.

‘Lille!’ Rihanna shouted. ‘I love my French fans, I love you all so much.’

Then all of a sudden the Barbadian star’s voice cracked and she had to pull her hand to her face to brush away the teardrops welling up in her eyes.

‘I can’t believe this s***,’ she laughed. ‘Y’all make me so happy. To stand here and feel the love in this room.

‘The Diamonds tour is nearly coming to an end and I hate this part – I hate saying goodbye.’

The audience filled the concert venue with raucous cheers and applause that was certainly well received by the award-winning singer.

‘I love you guys – it’s the Diamonds World Tour so you know we can’t leave yet.’

Presumably at this point, Rihanna got a grip of herself and continued the show at the Grand Stade Lille Metropole.

But the show of emotion comes at a time when favour towards the singer has been waning following a string of late arrivals to her concerts.



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