Student Dies After Eating Apple From Girlfriend

The Creation Story Part 2, but instead of suffering and sin, Elijah’s Own punishment is Death……………..Reuben Elijah, a final year student of Economics and Political Science, was said to have been found dead in his room.
Family members and friends of the deceased had rushed him to the General Hospital where he was confirmed to be poisoned, some of them told newsmen yesterday.
They alleged that the deceased ate an apple believed to have been poisoned by his girl friend of the same class.
Persons spoken to on phone told newsmen that the deceased and his girlfriend had a misunderstanding after he informed her of his family’s decision to withdraw from marriage arrangements between them because she is believed to be older than him.
They alleged that she bought apple for her boyfriend, after they managed to settle their misunderstanding.
They also explained that the said lady, who is also a working class, had invested in the planned marriage and had gone ahead to purchase a motorcycle for her boyfriend.
Acting Registrar of the school, Pastor John Amodu did not confirm nor deny the incident in his school, when he spoke to newsmen on phone.

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