Coconut Candy

This sweet treat brings back so much memories; it can be hard and chewy or soft and gooey depending on how you like it

• 200g Sugar 
• 1½ cup Water 
• 220g Coconut flesh 

1. Wash and Grate the coconut flesh; Set Aside 
2. In a small sauce pan, Add the sugar and water and leave to boil for 12mins on medium heat till the mixture starts to thicken. 
3. Gently Add the grated coconut and stir continuously for 8 mins till you notice the sugar caramelizing (You’d notice when it starts turning brown). To prevent it from burning underneath, turn down the burner temperature to the lowest and leave for another 5 mins (Keep stirring intermittently) 
4. Turn off the Burner and scoop the hot coconut and sugar caramel mixture onto a flat plate with a spoon. As the candy cools, it firms up (Including the runny caramel). 
5. Leave for about 3 – 4 Hours to harden completely. 


P.S: If you love your candy Hard and crunchy, you’d only need Two ingredients; Sugar and Grated coconut. Just pour the sugar in the sauce pan and leave to melt & caramelize. Add the Grated coconut and keep stirring continuously till the Caramel mixes completely with the coconut. Leave to cool before rolling into balls – Also leave to cool further & harden. The end result is a crunchy set of coconut candy


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