Beyonce’s Perfume Collection ‘Heat’ Is the Best Selling Celebrity Scent In the World

Aaaaah 😥 This perfume I can still smell its captivating Honeysuckle Nectar,floral yet fruity scent in my favorite handbag where it broke 😦 (P.S Never let small children carry your bags, no matter how much they want to cos once they open it and start throwing stuff out of it, consider your best ‘commodities’ gone)
And I’m not suprised its the best selling scent but for some strange reason I prefer Calvin Klien’s Euphoria and Paris Hilton’s Heiress to it but its still s wonderful scent and it goes for £20 @ the perfume shop, the perfume shop where I ordered it from early last year describes it as An irresistible force. Just one breath of it and it ignites something inside you. You feel a rush. Your senses heighten, your pulse races, your skin warms. You feel sexy, powerful, more alive than ever before. Let yourself feel the Heat.

Heat isn’t the Only perfume Beyonce has to her name she has two additional ones namely Heat rush and Pulse
I no everyone would be like haba why does beyonce do everything, sing, act, design clothes now its perfumes , well below is beyonce’s reason on Why she creates her own signature scents
“I want women to feel sexy, strong, empowered and I want them to feel like they can conquer anything. When they walk into a room, I want them to feel like they can leave a lasting impression on everyone they walk past.”


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