To Whom This May Concern

This goes to everybody that feels that what I post is disrespectful, I really don’t have time to waste but this is just to make things clear, I WILL NEVER KISS ANYONE’S ASS, If you feel that the things I post about you are rude or disrespectful then why the hell did you become a celebrity , and why again were you stupid enough to post a picture of your stupid act on various social networks , being a celebrity or ‘social figure’ come with a huge price and the earlier you get to realize that the better; I can’t write a post or upload a picture and then I’ll start getting threats ! Who the hell do you think you all are, call any lawyer in this world I’ll call mine too, abi do you think that ordinary signed paper from a lawyer would move me, if that what you think, then think again, I write what I feel and would never change it , when I praise other celebs , its cos of what they have done, but when the stupid ones feel that their childish acts can get then any accolade then I’m sorry , I see the truth and I tell it as it is, being a blogger is very stressful because finding information is a very tasking job, Not when I have sourced for info and then I now post, someone would now come and start yarning Nonsense , The Earlier You all realize that I’m A very Calm but Crazy person, the better for Us all, So please respect yourselves and don’t send your fans to send me stupid emails, pings or Direct messages via twitter because I would not take down any post except I feel like taking it down, and not because someone has told me to take it down.

P.S – I love you all despite your flaws but learn not to step on people’s toes ………x


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