GIRL POST # How To care For your Human Hair Extensions

Hey beautiful people today’s Post was inspired by Nigerian Girls with Spongy Hair

A lot of ladies spend their money buy luxury hair weaveons and wigs but don’t know how to care for it, every one thinks cos its soft and silky it’ll just bounce back to normal, But hell no even the hair donors took care of it before chopping it off for sale, cos its silky doesn’t mean it doesn’t need shampooing, conditioning,straightening,glossing e.t.c this enhances its shine and leaves it looking luxurious and bouncy so I’ll give you a run through of what my mother has taught me so far
NOTE: My mother doesn’t Joke With Her Weaves, She DOESN’T!!!

Firstly : Comb out the weave to de-tangle any knots in the hair, then set out to dry for about 5 minutes to remove any foul stench

Secondly: Fill a Wide Bowl with Warm water and soak the hair in it for about 3 minutes, then add half caps full of shampoo and gently wiggle the hair in the shampoo to allow the hair set in the shampoo then taking a tail comb gently comb the shampoo into the hair, then leave the hair to sit for 10 minutes in the shampoo.

Thirdly: remove the hair from the shampoo and comb through, in another bowl put 2 capsful of hair conditioner

Rinse Off with cool water , then dry off with a blow dryer
Apply little water and coconut oil to your weavon and comb through ! And there you have it! Smooth, soft and bouncy hair!


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