#AAB Trend Alert 4 – Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans whether trousers Or shorts are huge this season and its been spotted on various celebrities both home and abroad (Ok only abroad as far as I’m concerned) this trend is effortlessly chic and sexy and also easy to pull off, BUT HAS TO BE PAIRED WITH THE RIGHT ACCESORIES in other to look Fab ; Acquiring an awesome pair of ripped jeans can be expensive unless you know how to make them yourself don’t worry I have a detailed step by step tutorial on how to Make your Very own Ripped Jeans ; It may require a little patience, but following these directions you’ll find that the process of making ripped jeans is actually quite simple.

Steps On How To Make Your Very Own Ripped Jeans:
You’ll Need:
A ruler
steel wool
pumice stone
* If you want to create large holes, you will need to use scissors and an x-acto knife or box cutter

How To:-
1.Choose a pair of jeans :- You can rip any pair of jeans and get the same results, but make sure to choose a pair that fit you well. Don’t feel obligated to rip a pair of jeans you already own, as you can thrift for comfortable, cheap jeans at local secondhand and consignment shops.

**Using jeans that are already worn a bit may give you better results than using brand new jeans, but don’t let that stop you from purchasing a new pair for this project.
**Light to medium wash jeans typically look the best when ripped, as their color lends them a more distressed look. Dark washed jeans look too freshly dyed to be ripped, and might not look as “realistic.”

2. Decide on a style:- You know you want ripped jeans, but how exactly do you want them ripped? Go to some of your favorite stores or research online to choose what style of wear and tear you want your jeans to have. Gentle fraying? Massive holes? Lots of holes or just a few? Decide what you want before you start the project.

3.Gather your supplies:- Based on the different styles you wish you create, you will need to use different materials. To create a worn look, use steel wool, sandpaper, and a pumice stone. If you want to create large holes, you will need to use scissors and an x-acto knife or box cutter as well. Use a small block of wood to insert into the pant legs while you do the distressing, so that you don’t alter both the front and the back of the pants.

4.Decide where to rip :- Lay your jeans out flat on a table, and use a pencil to mark the places you want to tear. Use a ruler to mark an exact length if you want. Keep in mind the ultimate shape and the length as well as the width of your holes.

5.Distress the jeans :- Place the small block of wood into your pant leg, directly underneath the place you intend to distress. Then, use your abrasive tools to rub at the jeans until they begin to thin and fray. Alternate between using steel wool, sandpaper, and your pumice stone. This may take a bit of time depending on the thickness of your jeans to start.

6.Loosen the fibers:- If you don’t want to create gaping holes, but rather stringy patches in your jeans, use an x-acto knife to gently tug at the area that you have just distressed. This will loosen fibers in the area, allowing for a little skin to show through when worn. Pull at the white threads that stick out from the jeans to encourage this look.

7.Add holes :- Take your scissors and cut a small section inside the distressed area. Then, use your hands to rip the jeans even further. Avoid cutting the hole too much, as this will give a very clean, unnatural edge to the fabric. Ripping it will tear the fibers, making it look like a real hole. Tug at the threads to pull them out a bit, as they would with natural rips.

8. Reinforce your jeans :- To keep the holes from growing as a result of frequent wearing and washing, reinforce them by sewing around the perimeter of the hole. Use either a white or jean-colored thread to sew around, either by hand or with a sewing machine. If you want the jeans to grow over time, feel free to nix this step.

Different Types Of Rips

“Creating ripped jeans is actually quite simple. All you need are scissors, Needles,razor blade and jeans.”

Firstly: There are several TYPES of rips to make.

#1 The Line…
The line is the most simple RIP, and eventually becomes a HOLE.
 DIRECTIONS: Cut a horizontal line in your pants.

#2 The Screen

Very similar to a HOLE, but instead of exposing your precious flesh and giving you skin cancer, the lines of the jean are left intact.
DIRECTIONS: SCRAPE (do NOT cut) across the jeans in whatever shape you desire, whether a square or a more organic shape as seen here.

#3 Texture
It’s important that your jeans are given an overall TEXTURE, so that they look old as shit, in a good way.

DIRECTIONS: Scrape along the POCKETS, BELT LOOPS, and the TOP and BOTTOM EDGE of your pants.

#4 The Ladder

This is simply a bunch of lines cut closely underneath each other to resemble ladder pegs.
DIRECTIONS: Put on the jeans and decide where you want your ladder to begin and end. Mark those places in marker or chalk with a small line. 
Then Cut.
Next you wash and dry them, this frays the jeans.

#5 The Gun Shots

“So called because the holes make it look like you got shot in the leg… so if you’re into that…”

It actually looks like embroidery

DIRECTIONS: Mark different size X’s or T’s and cut along the lines.

#6 The Claw
This is one that we experimented with, but we found we really liked it.
DIRECTIONS: Instead of horizontal stripes like with the ladder, mark VERTICAL stripes where you desire them to start and stop. 

Tips:- For exact rips, use a sewing needle to pull out individual stitches from the fabric.
-Avoid adding rips too near the seams, as they may cause them to begin to unravel.
-For an additionally worn look, you can add splatters of bleach.

Hint :- If you haven’t gotten the idea, the wash is what makes the MAGIC that is RIPPED JEANS possible. While also increasing elasticity in your pants (i.e. makes those skinny jeans a whole lot tighter)

PLUS:- There are lots of ways to customize your rips, safety pins, beads, threading. Experiment. Make those jeans you bought yesterday look like a hundred year heirloom. 


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