Nigerian Silent Multi-Millionaire, Kola Aluko Spotted With 43 Year Old Super Model Naomi Campbell In Paris

The 43 year old model was spotted in Paris two days ago with Nigerian billionaire businessman Kola Aluko heading out to lunch.

For those who don’t know who Kola Aluko is, Kola Aluko is an international business man who made the list of Forbes ‘Ten Nigerian Multi-Millionaires You’ve Never Heard Of” last year, he’s a big player in the oil and gas and aviation sector worldwide. He is the deputy CEO and leading shareholder in Seven Energy, an oil and gas firm, with HQ in Lagos and London. He is also on the advisory board of Vista Jet, a Swiss based private jet charter company. It was reported recently that he flies all over the world in his own Private Jet, while another Private jet follows Him behind.
This is not the first time, Kola Aluko and Naomi Campbell would been seen together in public. featured them today and even admitted it looked like they had a good time together in Paris. Since Naomi Campbell broke up with her Billionaire boyfriend, she has not really been seen in public with any man.

Yours Truly,
Precious Amah x


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