Kidnappers Of Oronto Douglas’ Sister Reduce Ransom From N500m To N10m! Husband Says I Only Have N3m

The kidnappers of Oronto Douglas’ sister have reduced the ransom for her release from N500m to N10m. Augusta Douglas-Ayam was kidnapped on Monday from her shop by men in military uniforms. They contacted her husband on the phone Thursday morning to demand a N500m ransom, but he pleaded with them to set his wife free. Yesterday, they called him again and asked for N10m, instead of the N500m they first demanded. He however told them he could only afford N3m and there’s no way he could get the N10m.

”For the first time, the kidnappers were calm in their conversation. They didn’t sound furious this time around. They simply asked that we should look for N10m” a source said. The source also expressed optimism that their sister could be set free by tomorrow, Monday”.

Yours Truly,
Precious Amah x


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