Beverly Osu & Charity Owoh End Friendship Because Of Bimp

Lol!!!! So Beverly Osu and her best friend Charity Owoh are no longer friends. In fact rumor has it that they are currently sworn enemies…and it all because Of A Man, one fine man sha :D. And the Man Is None Other than Big Brother Africa contestant Bimp Habesh from Ethiopia.
Beverly and Charity fell out after Charity began to chase Bimp who has been staying more in Nigeria since the reality show ended months back. I even heard Charity went as far as introducing Bimp to her mum and she also told everyone she knew that she was interested in him. Then came Beverly, who also started showing interest in Bimp. Remember she confessed her feelings to Bimp in the Big Brother house but Bimp told her he had a girlfriend and Bev subsequently turned to Angelo.

The Major Fight Started when Charity allegedly told Angelo (when he was in Nigeria) that Beverly still had a thing for Bimp, and after Angelo left, things became really heated between the former BFFs. Beverly felt betrayed that her best friend not only ratted her out but also went after Bimp knowing how she felt about him.
I even heard that one of them even went as far as opening a twitter account to attack the other, and the other one got so depressed about the situation (because all their friends supported the other) that she considered committing suicide.

Beverly has Also edited her twitter account where she had charity’s email address as her ‘for booking contact’ and has removed everything about charity in her biography.
And the funny thing is that Bimp is currently not dating any of the girls.

Yours Truly,
Precious Amah x


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