GIRL POST #7 – How To Apply Nail Polish Like A Pro

A lot of us females have troubles when it comes to applying nail polish because we either apply too much that it turns into a blob or we smudge it all over Our fingers. Nail polish can be sticky business. There’s nothing worse than pulling out your favourite shade for an afternoon manicure only to find the bottle lid stuck and the consistency gooey , It only gets worse when the color starts chipping off just hours after you’ve finished your manicure! Like other cosmetics, lacquer requires a specific method to store, apply and maintain but fear not Captain Audrey is here with some helpful DIY tips but before I start let’s go over the DO’s and Don’t’s Of Nail Polish Application so buckle up this is gonna be a pretty long Post

To preserve your polish both in the bottle and on your nails, I recommend always following the 5 Do’s and Don’ts of nail polish:

Don’t: use nail polish remover to thin your polish. Many removers contain acetone that can break down the formula of your lacquer and actually ruin it.
Do: use thinner drops. Nail polish thinner is specially formulated to restore your thickened polish back to its original consistency. Use 2-3 drops and roll the bottle between your hands – your polish will be like new.  (Note: Avoid using thinner on thickened glitter polish – unfortunately, those polishes are usually beyond saving.)
Don’t: store polish in the bathroom. Most polishes have a suggested shelf life of two years.  You can extend this or shorten it strictly by how you store your polishes. Bathrooms are not your friends when it comes to storage – they tend to be bright and the temperature is constantly changing due to shower use. 
Do: store in a cool, dark place with a consistent temperature I suggest the best place to store your lacquer HERE  
Don’t: apply lotion or wash your hands right before applying nail lacquer. This may be tempting because your hands can feel dry after you’ve removed a previous manicure, but it’s best to wait. Here’s why – our nails are porous, so washing your hands adds moisture back into your nails and causes chipping or bubbling once polish is applied. Similarly, lotion leaves a residue on your nail beds, producing a film that also can bubble your lacquer. Ever have your polish peel off in one big chunk? That’s from water or residue on the nail.
Do: double check your nailbeds. To make sure your nail beds are clean, rub a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover over them before applying your base coat.
Don’t: store your nail polishes sideways. When a bottle lies on its side, lacquer can work its way around the neck of the bottle and lead to the infamous pesky stuck lid. (Sometimes there just isn’t enough hot water in the world to help pry the top off.)
Do: store your nail polishes upright. Deep drawers might be the best storage method for you ladies with hundreds of hues. However, even if you only have a modest nail collection, it still needs to be stored properly…aka upright
Don’t: skip the nail prep. The last thing you want is bluish or yellowed tips leftover from your previous manicure when you’re rocking bare nails. The solution…
Do: use a base coat: A base coat will provide a smooth case for your nail color, as well as protect and nourish your nail beds. And don’t forget to finish off with a topcoat to make your mani last!

Things You’ll Need
•Coloured nail polish
•Clear nail polish (for top coat)
•Hot soapy water

1. Apply a coat of your favorite nail polish. Don’t worry about it going over the edge of you nails and on to your cuticles and the surrounding skin.

2. Wait for it to dry. Make sure it is completely dry.

3. Apply a second coat. Again don’t worry about not being neat.

4. Apply a top coat of clear nail polish.

5. Prepare a sink of hot soapy water

6. Wash your hands in the water and massage the skin around your nails. Gently rub your fingers with an old sponge or cloth.

7. Drain the sink and rinse your hands with cold water.

8. Any nail polish that went off your nails will have been washed away by the hot water

9. Enjoy your nails!

Yours Truly,
Precious Amah x

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