Nigerian oil, gas and aviation tycoon Kola Aluko Said To Have Spent 1.2 Million Dollars On Champagne at LeonardoDi Caprio’s Birthday Bash

Hollywood top shot Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his 39th birthday with a wild party at Tao Downtown  last Sunday night.
And word out has it that Nigerian oil, gas and aviation tycoon Kola Aluko was among the host of billionaires that graced Leo DiCaprio’s star-studded birthday bash.

Multimillionaire businessman Aluko, a co-founder of the Made In Africa Foundation who was
recently seen lunching in Paris with Naomi Campbell, allegedly spent $1.5 million on champagne at the party.
Kanye and 2chainz were also at the party
Leonardo, who raised more than $3 million that night for his charity – the Leo DiCaprio Foundation, had added a hefty fee on top of all the bottles and the big spenders ordered bottle after bottle of champagne at the bash.

One guest told
“The party was wild — wall-to-wall models. There were probably 20 girls to every guy. Leo started the night with a dinner in a private room and then joined the party around midnight. 
Danny A, who hosted, would get on the ­microphone and announce who placed the champagne order and for how much, . . . then a train of 100 bottles would come out with sparklers and girls dressed in burlesque [outfits].”

However, a rep for Aluko has denied Aluko spent $1.5 million on champagne, but confirmed Aluko would make a donation to Leo’s charity.

Yours Truly,
Precious Amah x


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