1930’s Fashion Focus : FEDORAS – How To Rock A Fedora Hat

This Post Is For Both The Guys And Girls

The fedora represents class, style, and sophistication. Both men and women can enjoy this fashion trend. This 1930’s Fashion trend has become a major hit in modern times it can change your whole look from simple to sophisticated

Tips that both men and women should take into consideration before selecting and wearing a fedora.

1. Plan out when you’ll wear it. Fedoras used to be a strictly formal type of head wear for men, but recent style trends dictate that both men and women can wear them with formal or casual attire. The same fedora may work for both looks, but if you intend to use it for one more than the other, keep that in mind when you go shopping.

2. Pick a color and material. The setting and clothes you wear determine the type of fedora most appropriate.
For daytime and summer settings, select a straw fedora.
For evening, choose a dark felt or twill fedora, instead.
If you plan on wearing your fedora with your business suits, match the color of the hat to the color of your suits. If you tend to wear black or gray suits, choose a black or gray fedora. Similarly, if you wear brown suits, stick with a brown fedora.

3. Choose a proper fit. The hat should fit snug, but not so snug that it leaves a red mark on your skin. A properly fit hat should also rest a finger’s width above your eyebrows and ears.


The fedora is a traditionally serious hat, but with a few adjustments, it can be made suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

1.Wear your fedora as part of your formal attire: When wearing your fedora with formal attire, position it straight on your head. The hat should be centered on your head, and the brim should be parallel with your eyebrows and perpendicular to the bridge of your nose. The brim of the hat should also tip down no further than your eyebrows.

2. Match the fedora with your best black suit: Wear a white collared shirt beneath the jacket and polished black leather shoes. Choose sophisticated, polished cuff links. Add a personal touch by selecting a long silk necktie in your favorite color, and complete the look by selecting a black wool or twill fedora with a colored band that loosely matches your necktie.
———–>Skip the jacket. Weather permitting, leave the suit jacket at home and simply attend the event in a long-sleeve collared shirt. Pick a colored shirt if you want to liven up your look, or stick with a classy white or light pinstriped shirt for old-fashioned charm. ————->Wear black dress slacks and shoes, along with a long necktie. Top it off with a black fedora.
Add a vest. Wear a white or pinstriped collared shirt. Choose a gray three-piece suit, complete with a jacket, vest, and slacks. Leave the jacket off to expose the vest, weather permitting. Pair the outfit with either a bow tie or long necktie and black dress shoes. Top it all off with a gray wool fedora.
———–>Dress for warmer weather. For formal events in the spring or summer, wear a polo shirt or other short-sleeve collared shirt. The shirt may either be light or dark in color, but avoid bright shades. Wear light dress khakis and brown dress shoes. Complete the outfit by throwing on a straw fedora with a simple band.

3. Wear your fedora as part of your business attire: As with formal attire, position the fedora straight on your head with the brim parallel to your eyebrows.

———-> Match the hat with a classic business look. Wear a gray suit, complete with both trousers and a suit jacket. Add a white collared shirt beneath the jacket and a dark long necktie, as well as black dress shoes. Complete the look by throwing on a versatile black fedora with a black band.
———–>Change the color. If grays and blacks are not your thing, go with a light brown or tan suit instead. Match it with a dark brown fedora and dark brown dress shoes.
———–>Trade your suit jacket for a trench coat. If your office dress code does not demand that you wear a suit jacket, swap it for a long, tailor-fit trench coat to give yourself a vintage debonair look. Wear a long-sleeve, collared shirt with like pinstripes running through it. Match it with black or dark brown dress slacks and matching shoes. Don a tan trench coat that extends down somewhere between your mid-thigh and your mid-calf. Complete the look with a dark brown fedora.

4. Wear your fedora as a casual accessory:. Cock the fedora to one side or try tipping it upward and exposing part of your forehead.

———->Give your most casual clothes a formal twist for a funky, trendy look. Wear a graphic t-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans. Throw on some canvas sneakers or sandals. Class it up by throwing on a nice suit jacket and a straw fedora. Choose a fedora with a funky band, and add your own personal flair by sticking a feather into the band.
————Create a fresh summer look. Wear a bright t-shirt or polo shirt and cargo shorts. Add a pair of well-worn sneakers or men’s sandals. Wear a straw fedora with a white band.
————>Choose a fedora with a funky pattern. Think plaid, checkered stripes, or bright colors. Make it the focal point of your outfit by matching it with a plain colored t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.
————–>Pair it with a men’s scarf. Wear a dark t-shirt, either plain or graphic, and men’s skinny jeans. Choose a simple shoe, such as a canvas sneaker. Wear a dark men’s scarf and a dark felt fedora. Look for a fedora with a bright band or feather for a fun twist.

Even though the fedora is typically thought of as a men’s hat, the trendy, chic woman can add this hat to her style repertoire to give her look an occasional playful twist.

1. Wear your fedora as a casual accessory: . For women, the casual look is the most common.

——->Match a fedora with other trendy pieces for a “city chic” look. Wear a long tunic shirt and skinny jeans or black leggings. Don a pair of stilettos, and add a bit of shimmer to your outfit with hoop or dangle earrings and bangle bracelets. Top it off with a black or brown fedora, depending on which color best matches the color of your shirt.
Create a fresh spring or summer look. ——–>Wear a white or light colored tank top and denim shorts or capri pants. Pair the outfit with sandals. Choose flat sandals for a truly casual look, or sandals with a low heel for a slightly trendier type of casual. Keep your accessories low-key. Select a simple straw fedora without much adornment.
——->Wear it with a skirt. Choose a flirty, fun mini-skirt or casual knee-length skirt. Pair it with a solid colored t-shirt and throw on a pair of strappy heels or decorative flats. Wear a bright colored fedora or a neutral colored fedora with a patterned band. Accessorize your outfit as you usually would minus the fedora.

2. Wear your fedora with your business attire: A classy fedora can add vintage personality to a modern day women’s business suit.

———>Mimic the look of a men’s business fedora. Choose a black or gray women’s pantsuit. Wear a tailored, collared shirt beneath the jacket and throw on a pair of closed-toe heels. Wear a black wool or twill fedora with a black or gray band and minimal adornment.
Mix modern and vintage by choosing pieces that are reminiscent of the 1920’s. ——–>Choose a gray pinstripe women’s suit. Opt for a suit with a matching knee-length skirt instead of dress slacks. Wear a white collared shirt beneath the jacket. Complete the look with black peep-toe heels and a black or gray pinstripe fedora.

To Work
Go business casual with a nice blouse and skirt. Pair a fitted patterned blouse with a black or brown knee-length pencil skirt. Feel free to have fun with the material and color of your shirt. Wear a pair of closed-toe heels and keep any jewelry you wear simple. Top it all off with a black or dark brown fedora, depending on whichever color looks best with your outfit. Choose a fedora with a band that works with the pattern and color of your blouse.

3. Wear your fedora to a formal or semi-formal occasions This style of hat may clash with many formal gowns and dresses, but you can still use it to create a dressy, trendy appearance.

———> Wear your fedora with a sleek, stylish black dress. Choose a dress that comes down to your knee or mid-calf and wear skin tone nylon stockings. Wear silver jewelry and a pair of high-heeled boots. Carry a black or silver clutch handbag, and wear a black fedora with a glossy satin or silk band.
———->Give your look vintage flair. Choose a 1920’s flapper style dress and pair it with some peep-toed heels that match the color of your dress. Add on some pearl, mock-pearl, or round beaded jewelry to accessorize. Complete the look with a twill fedora that coordinates with the color of your dress. Look for a fedora with a large gemstone or flower on the side.
————>For formal occasions, pair a straight-legged dress trouser with a nice blouse. Choose either a frilly feminine blouse or a sleek silk blouse. Wear a pair of stiletto heels and accessorize with bright, noticeable costume jewelry. Wear a black or dark brown fedora, and choose one with a decorative, glossy band.

4. Dress it up. Most fedoras marketed to women already feature decorative elements, but if you purchase one without any adornments, add your own.

———->Tie a ribbon or band of fabric around the hat, just above the brim. Choose a plain colored, striped, or polka-dot pattern.
———–>If the hat has a decorative band, stick a feather beneath it. Otherwise, attach a feather directly to the side of the hat.
———–>Fasten a decorate brooch to the base of the hat to add a touch of femininity and sparkle.

Yours Truly,
Precious Amah x


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