Uti Nwatchukwu Singles Toke Makinwa Out, Calls Her A Party Queen

Looool… The entertainment industry is just too funny. Uti Calls Toke Makinwa The New Party Queen??????? Haba uti that’s not nice. Even though Uti didn’t actually call her a ‘party queen’, but admitted that, he used to attend a lot of parties before Toke took over. Here is what he said yesterday at the ELOY awards which he hosted.

“Everybody is beefing you Toke. Why? You see, before Toke came on the scene, I was the most beefed celebrity for attending so many events, but now, whenever I go to event these days, I pray to God that Toke attends too, so I won’t be insulted alone…since she came around, the hate on me has lessened because finally there is someone who attends more events than me, Uti said.

But instead Of Toke dragging the matter she acted really mature by replying with a tweet in which she thinks life is too short to bother about what people think about you.  She says fear God and be good to your fellow man. See the tweet below! + I don’t think its a bad idea that toke
attends many events.

Yours Truly,
Precious Amah x


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