Governor Adams OshiomoleTells A Widow To Go and Die

What the hell is “You’re a widow, go and die!” That’s the height of wickedness,Governor Adams Oshiomhole. Shouldn’t have said that but I guess he had to speak, How could he say “You’re a widow, go and die!” Wasn’t he born of a woman? He said this to a widow during a sanitation exercise in Benin City with some state officials recently. The woman who was hawking on the road side which is said to be illegal in the state she down knelt in front of him, crying and begging him not to seize her little means of livelihood, but instead he cold-heartedly made that inhumane statement. This Is A Shame, Shame on you Mr Governor! Wasn’t he once a labour leader? Doesn’t he have a heart?, what if it were his sister or daughter, Are these the kind of leaders we have? SMH mr Governor! This is a disgrace!

View the video below:

Yours Truly,
Precious Amah x


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