Deschil Defends Lola Omotayo

This is a 100% correct! Good work deschil and lola you are a wonderful lady don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (P.S I don’t know lola personally)

This post was written by Deschil:
Each time I read the nasty comments about Lola Omotayo Okoye my heart gets heavy. I do not know her in person- just like most of you. She has been called “old”, “shameless” even a “gold digger”! Some “kind” people even empathize with her and “understand” that Peter married her because of her kids.  
Let’s get a few things straight; 

• Nobody has the right to choose another person’s spouse

•I was in school with Psquare, Peter had a girlfriend-Ada-whom he was crazy about. Ada is a splitting image of Lola…does that imply anything?

•Age is not the determinant of a good marriage; either party could be older

•Prince Charles married “much younger” Diana, how did that go? How old is his present wife-whom he loved all along?

•Prince Williams forsook all the “younger girls” in England and married an older bride

•Sullivan Chime married a “much younger” Clara; again, how did that go

•For those who went as far as calling Lola a runs girl, who sleeps with her “uncles”, do you know this lady? Do you know this for a fact or is it just hear say? Why defame an innocent lady who is minding her own business? Do you think Peter is a fool?

•For those who justify these rumours with the story of her living in a “mansion” in Ikoyi-shebi you people say she is old? Do you know she has a career, did you expect that at her “old age” she wouldn’t have risen through the ranks?

•For those of you who see only young brides as a wise choice, it is because you haven’t gotten married yet. There are some childish attributes the young wife will have that will make you almost regret the marriage-that is if you don’t do that eventually

•Peter knew very well what he was doing. He wants peace, companionship and joy. A mature and experienced mother for his kids. He saw all the “young girls” world over before he made his beautiful choice.

Yours Truly,
Precious Amah x


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