BURNT Identity : Burna Boy Banned From The UK For 15 Years, To Leave Record Label Soon

Nigerian Afropop singer Damini Ogulu Popularly Known as ‘Burna Boy’ who has been described by those who know him well as ‘A Very Talented Guy’ but ‘uncontrollable’.

An investigation carried out by TheNet.ng, says Burna’s ‘uncontrollable’ character and persona didn’t just start yesterday. It has gone as far as getting him a ban from the UK for the next 15 years.

According to TheNet.ng, their investigations and sources have linked Burna to a criminal past, a period of his life he would rather not expose to the public

They are told on good authority that while in the UK back in 2010, Burna Boy was arrested by
London Police for allegedly being part of a gang and stabbing someone to death. He was tried as a minor and sent to jail.
After 11 months, he was released and given two months parole plus community service on the grounds of being of ‘good behaviour’.
But Burna is said to have disobeyed authorities and travelled back to Nigeria where he signed a record deal with Aristokrat Records.
He later travelled back to the UK but was arrested at the airport and deported to Nigeria.
He is currently barred from the UK for the next 15 years.

Meanwhile, Netng has also confirmed that Burna Boy, at the end of 2013, will leave his record label Aristokrat Records. He is already looking at launching his own company at the start of 2014.

And the reason for him leaving reportedly started when Burna boy’s debut album ‘L.I.F.E’ dropped in August 2013.
Burna Boy wasn’t pleased with the way the label handled the marketing and release of the album.

Currently, he has moved out of the house provided for him by the label in Lekki Phase 1 and relocated to house in Chevron Estate also in Lekki, Lagos.
Burna has also extricated himself from them and now handles his career with a former label employee who now only answers to him (Burna).

Burna is currently managed by his mother Bose Ogulu.

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