Lady Beheaded After One Night Stand With Stranger…..

The lady pictured above was said to have left home to club and party with some friends a couple of days ago, It was gathered that the lady who is a Lagos runs babe was approached by a rich man at Elegushi beach where she and her friends went to party
According to reports, she was said to have been taken to an unknown hotel by the man after both parties had reached an agreement on pricing.
At Exactly 7am the next day, her dismembered body was found somewhere around Mushin axis, Lagos

At the body looked like a case of rituals. 
Her left breast was cut off, right hand was also found missing while her intestine were also removed
Residents of the Area immediately reported the case to the police, while many cried and pitied the dead lady who they claim was obviously used for money rituals; many said she must have been enjoying the “runs” business all along until this happened.

Ladies please be very careful! Christmas is here and 2015 Elections are just around the corner! Money is Sweet But Life Is Sweeter!

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