The Case Of Maryam Temitope Kazeem Who ‘Took’ 60,000 USD From An Alhaji In Dubai But Was Nabbed In Lagos.

A couple of weeks ago, a tumultuous drama played itself out at the Arrival Wing of the Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja. At the centre of the drama was Maryam Temitope Kazeem, a young businesswoman. 
Maryam had just disembarked  an Emirate Airline flight from Dubai 

Before she could take any step,she was approached by a team of Immigration officers, who requested that she step aside and come with them.In shock,Maryam followed the men into one of the offices and a search was carried out on her.

 The search yielded a good result, for the sum of $60,000USD was found on her. The money belonged to Alhaji Adam, a popular businessman based in Dubai.
 Adam owns Hadkar World Cargo, a well known cargo firm with branches in Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates, UAE.
According to sources, Adam and Maryam are chummy friends. It was on the basis of the closeness between them that had prompted Adam to ask Mariam to help him bring some money from Lagos to Dubai. 

Maryam agreed and went to the agent’s office in Lagos to collect the money. The amount, which was $275,000USD was neatly packaged and given to Maryam. 
She left for Dubai, and upon her arrival, she called Adam and asked him to meet her at Sahara Backside in Deira. However, when Adam arrived at the agreed venue, Maryam was nowhere to be found. 

It was gathered that the young lady had left for Adam’s home to drop the money. From Adam’s home, Maryam headed for the airport and boarded a Lagos bound flight. When Adam got home and learnt that Maryam had come to drop the money, he smelt a rat. His worst fear was soon confirmed when he called Maryam and discovered that she had switched off her mobile phone. Adam’s apprehension soon gave way to anger when he counted the money and discovered that it had been tampered with. 

Immediately, the Dubai businessman swung into action. He went to Emirate Airline office to register his report. It was gathered that the airline called its Lagos office and instructed its officials to get in touch with the officers working in Customs and Immigration section at the airport.

 Meanwhile, Adam had also alerted his staff in Lagos of the theft, and he asked that some of his guys go to the airport to meet the Immigration officers. Consequently, Maryam was reported to have walked into the ambush, carefully laid for her by the Immigration officers. Some officers of the Nigeria Police Force were then invited to arrest the young lady. 
The money, all $60,000 USD, was taken from her and handed to Adam’s staff on the instruction of Adam,the police freed Maryam and she was allowed to go home. 
Maryam has gone underground since the incident and cannot be reached by friends who heard and want to hear her part of the story.

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