Toke is So Over Maje, New Boo to be steps Into the Lime light

The bottega Venetta glasses pictured above was a gift to toke. You all know Toke Makinwa. TheLady every one accuses of bleaching and wearing too much makeup & who just broke up with her boyfriend of 12 years, Yes that Lady, Well She is taking her recent breakup very calmly. Hardly will you know she just broke up with the guy(Maje Ayida).

She had a long busy weekend full of activities. And the most interesting part now is that, it seems there is a new man in the picture already. Toke got her first gift, and she took to instagram to share her joy. While some people said there truly is a new guy, some said she bought the gift for herself and is lying about the Man Part . Whatever the true story is congrats Tokss

P.S – New man (if there is truly one)please don’t lead Toke On Forever ! Wife Her ASAP she can’t waste an extra 12 years of Her Life

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