#DoctorDr: My boyfriend impregnated my sister but I still love him


Hi Audrey , I sent you a few emails earlier on but you didn’t reply them. My name is Funmi(name changed), I’m a 27 year old working class lady. I earn a good salary, and I work with one of the biggest banks in Lagos . I’m in quite a dilemma now, My boyfriend of 5 years impregnated my 22 year old sister, honestly I’m heartbroken and I can kill my sister but I still love him , he is the only man that has ever shown me love. The funny part is I’ve been pregnant for him 3 times before and he insisted I abort the pregnancy but now he is taking responsibility for my sister’s pregnancy . When I confronted him he boldly accepted responsibility and made me look like a fool , he even slapped me when I insisted that my sister must abort the baby, I then told my sister to abort the baby and she said she would not but she was the one that advised me to abort my previous pregnancies. He intends to marry her soon and relocate to the US. I’m so heartbroken . I’m almost 30 and I thought he was the one I was going to settle down with
I need your advice

Funmi (name changed)

Honestly funmi if you claim to be a working class lady and a banker which means you’re educated then I expect you to be more sensible than this. Men are liars . They’re tongues are coated with layers of sugar that they constantly use to woo we females . You aborted three times for him ? And now he wants to leave you for your sister ? Honestly this is a rare case of love gone wrong. Honestly darling you don’t love him , you’re just attached to him because of what the past previous five years have been like. Abortion plays with the mental state of a human being thereby leaving the female with a sense of attachment to the male especially if it’s happened more than once . My darling you are beautiful , you are strong and you are worth it. Don’t fight for what you want but rather fight for what you need . If he insists on marrying your sister I know it’s going to be hard to let go but just do it . Let him go , you’ve coped with his bullshit enough . He has truly hurt you but every wound heals and your own wound is healed in Jesus’ name. You would find another man that would love you for all that you are . A man that would cherish you . A man that won’t hurt you. A man that would rate you higher than any woman in the world. You are blessed


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