Man Dresses as a Woman for his Wedding (Photos)

To the casual eye, the two brides pictured in this photograph appear to be tying the knot as part of a modern same-sex marriage. But in fact, they are a heterosexual couple from Russia – where gay and lesbian weddings are strictly forbidden.

23 year old groom, Dmitry Kozhukhov, 23, sparked outrage when he chose to dress as a woman for his wedding ceremony which took place in Moscow. Dmitry, who prefers to be called Alina Davis, describes himself as ‘androgyne’, someone who is unable fit neatly into either gender role. And he claims to feel more comfortable as a woman, despite still being attracted to females. His bride’s real identity is not known, though her first name is Alisa, 19, and she is better known in Moscow by her nickname, Alison Brooks.

The couple married despite official disapproval and outrage from a registry office horrified at the prospect of both bride and groom turning up in dresses. Scroll down to see more photos.







Below are pictures of his wife, Alisa




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