10 D.I.Y Beauty Tips – #2 BERRY LIP STAIN


This DIY summer beauty treatment provides instant results as well as long lasting ones. It uses raspberries, pomegranate seeds, olive oil and blackberries to give you a luscious lip color for summer and one that will work to moisturize and soften your lips as you wear it. You just mix the ingredients together and then store in a small jar or other container. Apply to your lips with your fingers or a Q-Tip. You can keep the lip stain in the fridge for about a week and you can make different colors by using different berries.

•3 Blackberries (for their bright berry color)
•1 Raspberry (for its feminine pink color)
•3 Pomegranate Seeds (for their vibrant red color)
•1/2 teaspoon edible oil (I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
•a small Bowl + Spoon (or mortar + pestle if you have them)
•Fork or Sifter to drain
•small 5-gram Pot/Jar with screw top from any craft store

STEP 1: Mash the blackberries and raspberry in the bowl thoroughly with the back of your spoon.
STEP 2: Add the pomegranate juice into the mixture by individually squeezing them between your thumb and index fingers over the bowl.
STEP 3: Pour the olive oil into the bowl and stir everything together with your spoon.
STEP 4: Finish by draining the liquid from the mixture into your small portable jar.
For application, use your fingers, a lip brush or a Q-tip. It’ll only be good for a few days so refrigerate it for longevity. Have fun with it and even try different fruits (acai berries, cherries, etc)! You can play with the ratios of each fruit to customize your desired shade but you’ll get the most color payoff from the blackberries.

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