The Strength of a woman


A woman is by far God’s most delicate creature , carefully crafted and designed from a single rib, a woman is a feminine goddess , women go through hell daily and never receive a pat on the back or a simple well done , women are mothers , daughters , sisters , nannies, wives , drivers, chefs, cleaners , doctors , chauffeurs, counselors all at the same time. Women subject to men , change their last name , carry and nurture another being living inside her for 9 months, they go through excruciating pain during child birth, deadly menstrual cramps and lots more. Women are angels .

I was driving in the rain along admiralty way, Lekki phase 1 today when I spotted a heavily pregnant woman whose car just broke down, I parked my car and got out in the rain to try and help her, immediately she saw me , tears started running down her cheeks, I was startled a bit but I decided to ask her what’s wrong , she then explained to me that her car broke down and she has to drop her kids off at school , I peeped into the rear window of the car and saw two little girls sleeping and cuddling up against each other, my heart melted instantly , I asked if I could be of any help to her and she burst out crying , now I became scared . I patted her shoulder and suggested she and her kids get into my car and I’ll happily drop them off at school , then my mechanic would come by and look at her car once the rain subsides. She agreed , we dropped the kids off at school and then as she was about reaching to the buckle her seatbelt I noticed something on the hands. Burns , she was badly burnt , I shifted nervously in my seat and focused on my driving , then she made a phone call , as she patiently waited for the caller at the other end to pick up the phone , she fondled with the hem of her dress *what is it * the caller on the other end said , I heard that loud and clear , then she began to stammer and cry as she explained to the caller what happened to her car, then she started weeping profusely , the caller on the other end was shouting, atleast that’s what I could make out amidst her tears. Then the caller hung up and she kept crying , I just had to ask her what the matter was , I didn’t expect her to tell me anything but she did , she told me EVERYTHING! , she’s a 29 year old mother of 2 with another on the way and a victim of domestic Violence. That morning , her husband had beat her thoroughly because his breakfast wasn’t ready on time , he beat her thoroughly and burnt her with the hot spoon she used to make stew for her children’s lunch. He put the spoon in the gas flame and burnt her on her back and hands , at this rate I had to park the car by tantalizers and just listen . She felt bitter with herself, She blamed herself for everything , she showed me the text messages her so called husband sends to her constantly , he calls her horrible names and beats her regularly in front of her kids . I felt so bad , I wept , no matter what happens she doesn’t deserve this type of inhuman treatment , for the fact that she is carrying his child. Some men are just animals.

As a woman you should NEVER settle , never subject yourself to torture ; emotionally or physically , you’re a woman, you’re a priceless jewel , your price is far above rubies , you’re a woman , you’re he touch of feminine to the dark and brightness, you’re The taste of summer and the color Lavender

Say this to yourself daily , remind yourself that you’re a Strong Beautiful woman, wonderfully and fearfully created in the image and likeness of God.let no body tell you otherwise

I am a Woman ,Aphrodite the epitome of love can’t describe me , pleasure and procreation is as close as it can get to describe me. I am a woman of strength and influence ,I am the voice of a generation, I would change the world in ways I can’t imagine , my impact would spread across the country , then the globe altering lives for the better, my words which I am would touch millions , like a renewing fire I would inspire generations to betterment and bring peace and love into countless lives and I would do all of this by the simple choices I make and I would do all this by simply being me, I would shine like a beacon of hope, I would embrace my light, even when hard times come even when I feel I cannot endure, I will rise above like the Phoenix, and all who see me would be ignited by my glow, lines shall fall for me in pleasant places , I am a rose that grew from concrete, like a beautiful lotus flower I Grew and blossomed out of mud and dirty water, like the lotus I rise and keep rising above the pain and trouble that seek to crush me down, I am a Strong Woman.

Don’t let anybody make you feel less of a human , you are priceless, is that man torturing you emotionally and physically ? LEAVE HIM, is that boyfriend wasting your time ?? LEAVE HIM! , live for you make yourself happy Give yourself pearls, give yourself diamonds, give yourself the world and don’t apologize for it , beat that face, whip that hair, put on the sexiest dress in your closet, treat yourself to something nice, play your Favorite song out loud and LIVE, Live for you! You are your own keeper


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