I’m a Year Older Tomorrow + Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday tomorrow YAAAAAY *Inserts Shoki, shakitibobo,  nae nae and makossa * I’m really getting old 😭 and I love it. Many of you have sent me emails asking what’s going down and where the party is at . Thanks a lot boothangs,  I saw all your wonderful birthday wishes and I replied them all . So some sweety peperempes have been asking me how my month has been and why I don’t blog often anymore. Below are my reasons

1. The late part of July and early August have been cruel to me in many ways but one

2. Remember when my Mac Book got stolen in School (God please Punish that thief in due time) and I bought a Samsung laptop that I ooed and ahhed about? Well guess what , this one too don pack up and I don’t think it can be fixed. So I blog from my phone that also has mental problems but I’m pulling through just fine….. I think

3. I got a flexible 9-5 again. I’m sorry I know I promised to be independent and not work a 9-5 again but things changed (I’ll gist you in a totally different blog post)

4. Kosi Owo – No money

5. There is a new Bobo in town *wink wink* the ministry is growing and is steadily starting to build , na to move to permanent site remain. 🙈🙈🙈🙈 forgive my razzness but you guys know how I get when I’m excited. Could this be love ?   Or common sense leaving my body? 

Anyways huntyyyýyyys mama’s been busy but for those that asked what I want for my birthday here’s a wishlist  (may God bless you as you help expand the ministry)

1. A new laptop preferably a Mac Book. So that I can be posting often and it might motivate me to buy white bedsheets so I can take cozy pictures like these too.

2. An IPHONE! This one is important I’ve missed my iPhone ehn (God Also send thunder to the thief’s doorstep)

3. Money ! Lots and lots of it , I’m an igbo girl please what do you expect

4. Fendi 2 jours Handbag in Teal

5. Cakes Cakes and more Cakes (@iamcookiejar don’t say you didn’t see this o)

6. Perfumes (I don’t mind a hundred bottles, I love perfumes ) & Flowers


7. An all expense paid vacation to Mauritius or Barbados (help my nigerian passport so it can finally cross international borders)

8. A Gwagon 😍😍😍 (God said ask and it shall be given to you o ) this matte black beast is EVERYTHING!

9. I want pure , genuine,  easy and effortless love

10. I want to be Happy ; cheeky for someone who doesn’t believe in happiness right?

You asked and I’ve replied , also the party is going down at my house , there’s Garri,  groundnut and water all you need to do is show up with your plate spoon and sugar. ……. to all my readers from US,UK,  Russia , Senegal, South Africa , we can have a Garri Skypeeeeee partaaaaayyyyy.

I have to go now guys , kisses from above and beyond.

Audrey X


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