It’s My Birthday!!!!


Whoop whoop!!! Can I get an Amen somebody??? .. lol why do we play too much ????….. anyways guys it’s Mama Hen’s Birthday today and I just can’t help but thank God for everything , God has been faithful,  you guys know how much I love God and I would never stop loving him because he is the author and finisher of my faith , my great provider, my Adonai , El Elyon , El Olam , El shaddai, Elohim , Jehovah Jireh,  Yaweh Mekoddishkem , Jehovah Nissi , Jehovah Qanna,  Yaweh Raah, Jehovah Rappha,  Jehovah Sabaoth,  Jehovah  Shalom , Jehovah Shamma, Jehovah Tsidkenu, The God of Truth , The one that Never disappoints,  I can go on and on and on about my endless love for God because no matter how many times I sin against him , he still opens his loving arms and accepts me despite my flaws and all. Today is not about me but it’s about God’s endless goodness in my life , thank you dear Lord for everything you have done for me , from the day I came into this world , till the day I took my first steps , till today ; dear Lord you’ve always been there to guide me , I sin against you daily and you forgive me daily . Thank you for your overwhelming love in my life . I have been misunderstood in so many ways but one but everytime you set my path straight and give me something to look up to . This past months have been hell for me but you just keep nudging me and assuring me that everything would be alright.  I’m just so grateful for the strength he gave me because trust me I would have given up a long time ago, I’m not always composed , chin up , prim and proper , driven and sophisticated , sometimes I’m a huge Mess but God has single handedly turned that big pile of mess into the most beautiful thing the world has seen. Happy Birthday Precious Audrey Zara Kossisochukwunna Ogomachukwu Ahunna(trust me the names are a loooot ),  you were born to lead and the world the glory of God manifest in your life .

Happy Birthday To Me from Me .
I love Me ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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