My Birthday : How it all Went Down

Human beings are Funny sha, so because I said there is a Bobo ,  all my readers decided to blow up my phone to ask for his details and when we are getting married ?? What if there was no Bobo,  what if I was lying ehn ?? . Blog Reader Samo1738  (LOL ) said I should take my time and stop rough play that when is the wedding going down ? . My Country People so somebody cannot play with you people again ? LOL .
     ANYWAYS!!!! There is a Bobo , A sophisticated one at that , chai! , I’m always smiling like a goat around him, He is Prim and Proper just the way I Like , the love sef no be for here But he is Mischievous,  asin he should be crowned the King of Mischief.  Fast forward to my birthday . BOBO is the first to call me to wish me a happy birthday (sweet right?) ,  after we’ve made fun of each other like always and loved up a little , he gets off the phone to go to bed and I continue receiving birthday calls and Texts like CRAZY.
      By 2pm or so Bobo calls me up that we should meet somewhere and me I’m like OK,  I dress up in nothing too fancy , did my makeup In like 10 minutes and stepped out to buy iced tea 😍😍😍.
Bobo calls again and we sha finally meet up , he was all so sweet over the phone then when we finally saw eye to eye , come and see this guy looking all cute and smelling heavenly , I was just smiling like a fool . To cut the long story short , Bobo got a chef to cook something fancy , I honestly don’t know what I ate but it tasted good ; I met Bobos Squad (I don enter one chance) .

My birthday was just quiet and Relaxing and Different. Now down to the sector where all you amebos want to hear, Valerie asked what did Bobo get for you from your wishlist?  Let it be the Gwagon so your congregation can tap into your blessings.
     Dear Valerie I can sense you’re igbo and we might be connected by unseen ropes but trust me if Bobo had bought that Gwagon I would not be posting this , I’ll be polishing , waxing, and tending to my Machine and I would have invited Pope Francis to come and pray for Bobo.
      What did Bobo get me from my wishlist? ?? Who can guess????.

I keep asking myself if I should just run away , turn off my phones and disappear so Bobo won’t find me , but I can’t , I need a little drama and comedy in my life and he seems to be giving me the best of both worlds , as for the wedding , if you people can go and start meeting your various pastors and start praying for 100 billion pounds to magically appear in my bank account and for Forbes to contact me requesting an exclusive never before seen or heard interview and also if you people can build my empire sharp sharp , then why not,  Ikoyi Registry never close na , I’ll drag Bobos ass there and propose to him sef.
    All this wedding talk now is getting me scared small .  But honestly what I feel towards Bobo is true (is it? ) . And as for the gift , let me even carry koboko  to his house and ask him why the gift never complete…….. I’m feeling sleepy and from tomorrow I’ll go back to posting juicy scoops and not my life , this side shows once in a blue moon but i guess my time is up . Put Bobo and I in your prayers o , to those that would pray for positivity may God almighty enlarge your coasts and uplift you in ways men have never seen and to those that would pray for negativity *inserts bad eye * I pray positivity takes over your tongue when my name is being mentioned and just know that your 12 bedroom mansion with BQ and tennis court in the Ajegunle part of Hell Fire is almost complete.

Kisses from above and beyond ,
From my My Dancing Bobo & I .


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