Greek Orthodox Priest Forced to resign over Sexual Allegations

A High ranking Greek Orthodox priest was forced to resign last week after kinky sex tapes of his much younger parish school principal sitting on cakes in a thong and rubbing her feet in his face surfaced.


Father George Passias, 67, a married pastor at St. Spyridon in New York City at St. Spyridion church in Washington Heights is said to have impregnated Ethel Bouzalas, 45, with whom he had an alleged affair.

One of the videos sent to The Post features Bouzalas sitting on a banana bread load wrapped in cellophane until it’s flattened while donning black stiletto heels and lingerie.

In another one of the videos Bouzalas rubs her feet all over the priests face while they both lie under a mirrored ceiling.
A third video shows the priest performing oral sex on Bouzalas while she is wearing sheer pantyhose.
Passias resigned after a week long suspension from the church and said he had to leave for ‘personal health reasons’ and

‘Multitudinous sins and shortcomings.’

‘I will now fade out of this world for a considerable time according to God’s will,’ he wrote.

‘He has chosen for me . . . that I should retire and follow the way of silence, prayer, fasting, and ­utter devotion to our Lord.’

‘Please do not ask where I am going and where I will be. Then it would not be possible for me to fulfil what is my lot.’

A church official told The New York Post that he left his home in Flushing, Queens to stay at his daughter’s home in Chicago.

Bouzalas still resides in Brooklyn and has three children.

This is not the first time the relationship between Bouzalas and Passias raised eyebrows.

In 2006 when Passias went to work for the Wadsworth Avenue church he took Bouzalas with him as his assistant and told other church officials that she was his ‘spiritual goddaughter.’

Rumors of an inappropriate relationship surfaced in 2013 after a church handyman said he once saw Bouzalas sitting on the priest’s lap.

Bouzalas said that she converted to the Greek Orthodox faith and that Passias baptized her while she wore a bikini before she went on to marry her husband who is also Greek Orthodox.
Shortly after becoming Passias’ assistant Bouzalas was promoted to be the volunteer principal of the St. Spyridon Parochial School which goes from kindergarten to eight grade despite having no education credentials.

Bouzalas was also made a church treasurer and signatory on bank accounts.

Congregants grew suspicious of Bouzalas and questioned why so much money was going into repairs at the school.

Passias addressed the allegations in 2013 and told The New York Post that the rumors were thought up by ‘evil minded people’ who wanted him gone.

‘They have been saying I’m having a private affair with her,’ he said.

‘She is a goddaughter to me. That’s it.’

The misconduct was brought before a ‘Spiritual Court of the First Degree’ last week and leaders of Greek Orthodoxy in the United States will review the findings.

All punishment, including possible defrocking, will be decided in Turkey


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