Police Brutality in Nigeria

Few weeks ago Hon. Engr Solomon Adaelu of the National House of Assembly proposed a motion on police brutality in nigeria. In all honesty this motion is way overdue . This just goes to show that atleast the citizens interest are being thought of. Unlike corrupt leaders that seat in power and like evil mother hens , hatch evil eggs. Police brutality in nigeria What is your first thought that comes to mind when you hear about the Nigeria Police Force (NPF)? Protection and preservation of lives not mass killings , torture and brutality .   Police brutality and abuse of authority in Nigeria are ubiquitous, with countless complications stemming from these practices — starting with being the obvious obstacle for crime-fighting, and extending to human rights abuse, botching the efforts in battling Boko Haram, aiding corruption, maiming Nigerians .
Hon. Engr Solomon Adaelu addressed the house and his speech blew my mind because he said it all and to be honest I never expected a national worker not to talk of a Honourable of the National assembly of Nigeria to address this issue. Below is the video of him addressing the house.

In my very honest opinion this motion is the best motion that has been passed so far because it helps to curb misconduct amongst the security personnels in the nation.

^There have been Cases when a suspect is unlawfully detained, kept in the confinement of a cell and tortured are often reported by some of the largest and most prominent Nigerian news outlets. These issues keep emerging in various foreign sources, too: ” Nigeria Police Brutality: Cops Kill & Torture Victims’ Genitals, Group Claims;Changing Nigeria’s Cruel Police Culture;How Nigeria’s Stupidly Brutal Cops Botch the Hunt for Boko Haram; Police Brutality Nigerian Style;Nigeria’s torture chambers exposed in new report.” It hurts our hearts as  citizens of one of the greatest nations in the world . A nation where there is no security ny those meant to grant security free willingly later they’ll say “Police is your friend”. How can the police be your friend when they cannot protect you from evil rather they do evil to you.

Here is what Nigerians have to say when asked to share their experience in dealing with the NPF^:

Benjamin Okoro: I am a police officer, and proudly one. I don’t expect anybody to praise the police in Nigeria because it is normal, and no man wants to be monitored. Every man wants to act how he wishes. Yes, it is true that some policemen are bad, but they don’t teach any recruit “bad things” in the police colleges. People come in already nurtured and established exterior into the force. You only polish the exterior you came with. We are all products of the society. Remember what the scripture says: “The heart of man is full of wickedness,” including those who see the police as the worst. The police cannot be corrupt without collaborators, it takes two to tango. The hand that gives bribe is as gullible as the hand that takes. The police is the mirror of the society. When the society is working well, like in the Western world, the police will have no other option but to follow suit, and vice versa. Let us reform the police by reforming ourselves, change our attitude rather than expecting the police to change their ways. When we do that, I believe our country shall be great once again.

Benede Afungbe: Only uneducated persons will insult or disregard police. Go to other countries and see how their police behave. It’s only in Nigeria an individual has no respect for police. There is nothing the police are doing that is not related to the law. Do you think you would be able to move freely in this country without the police? As for me, I will continue to respect them and regard them as law enforcement agencies.

Kingsley Benson: @Benede… Policemen in other countries don’t just act as security agents. They are mature, polite and respectful. Even when you’ve committed a crime, they’d still be like: “Please can you step out of the car and put your hands behind your head please.” Now tell me, who wouldn’t show respect for such a police officer? Unlike Nigeria, where over 60% of policemen lack manners of approach. They just come and start slapping you as if they are some cult group on a mission. They can never have my respect until they are well-trained.

Ikeakachi Samuel: Mr Benede, the Nigerian police is a disgrace to the entire armed forces of this country, why should we have respect for those that don’t deserve any? Come to think of that: do you really think it’s the police that protects citizens? It’s the army that does all the protection. I consider the nigerian police to be legal or certified criminals.

Gbadamosi Deboye: Nigerian police are the worst beings on earth. Can you imagine the police raiding at 9-10pm in Sango Ota, Ogun state (Joju, Alishiba). They don’t even raid offenders but work in places like canteen, Akara Joint, mini-restuarants, streets where there is no light and people are getting fresh air outside, etc. The way they brutalize people in their Danfo buses is unfair.

Edward King Olusegun: A police squad on patrol saw me driving and waited for me to stop so that they could interrogate me. When I finally stopped, they asked after my car particulars. I gave them my driver’s license, my work identity card. They found no fault. They wasted my time as I was in a hurry, and asked me to give them some money so that they wouldn’t delay me further. I had to give them N1K, can you imagine?

Bitrus Zi: No book can contain all the stories of police misconduct. It is in their blood, that is why the hardly end well on retirement. But, like in any other society, there are good ones, the bad ones, and the ugly ones. If not for the few good ones among them, imagine how Nigeria would have been.

Wrongful detentions are the order of the day if you step inside a police station for whatever reason: be you a complainer or an accuser, you may be forced to depart with your hard-earned money. The roadblocks have become a daily revenue collection centres from the masses. Receiving bribe is no more a secret, even with good salaries that the are enjoying. Some of them that deployed to the JTF have already taught others the bad ways.

Olawale James Balogun: Some years back, I was trying to make a U-turn in front of a divisional police station in Owo, Ondo state. The road was so narrow that I had to reverse a bit just in front of the station gate. Suddenly, one of the officers ordered my car to stop and directed me to drive inside the station. The next thing was that they seized the car keys and immediately called me one of those armed robbers they have been looking for. They told me to write a statement. Thank God for the intervention of civilian friends who begged on my behalf. But I still had to part by giving them N500 after they demanded for N2000 for an offence not committed.

Gbenga Idowu Deji: Yes, the police are too corrupt, but the government is not doing anything about it. For instance, police at Ikotun area, Alimosho LGA in Lagos are the most corrupt police I’ve ever seen. They are disturbing motorists, harassing people, taking bribes from people causing holdups. There is a policewoman at the Council bus stop putting on mufti and collecting money from motorists, causing unnecessary parking. Please do something fast!

It gives me great joy to know that all the tears and prayers of nigerians didn’t go to waste and our constant pleadings were not in vain . Thank you Hon . Engr Solomon Adaelu. You have made millions of nigerians happy and they can finally sleep at night with their two eyes closed .


7 thoughts on “Police Brutality in Nigeria

  1. I was just discussing this with my husband a few days ago and see what happened , Nigeria is finally taking responsibility for the lives of its citizens . Thank God

  2. My sister lost her husband to police men in 2012 😧, how I wish this bill was passed earlier , nigerian government are always slow to act and I’m very sure this would be on of those yeye motions they won’t follow up

  3. Will this one stay or even hv effect or its anoda means of extorting money , I don’t understand the nigerian govt again

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