She-Weapon: Tolu Aribisala 

Gbogboyin yin Oriyomi!

Ọba ti Okesuna,

Oludari Olori Ipinle Isale Eko,

Olugbeja ti Lafiaji,

Baba ti Lion Junction, ati

Akọkọ ti orukọ rẹ


I had gone to the Muri Okunola Park for a social gathering when Tobi called to ask where I was. “Whatever you do, do not go home!” she said, so I decided to meet up with her to stay the night at a hotel until the fraternities would have simmered down and the police raided. As soon as it was morning I came home and the streets had been painted red with blood from the frats that supported PDP. He was cheered and paraded by his men that night and they sang his Orikii loud and proud over shots of Paraga. Oriyomi was stronger than ever. There was no ending him!


“Isale-Eko is very dangerous” they said. But my mother turned deaf ears when she decided to rent her apartment there because of how “close it is to work”.

“Lagos Island is verrrry accessible. You can get just about anywhere in minutes from here!” she said half grinning, trying to convince my sister and I as we unpacked our suitcases into our new rooms. I had the feeling that “they” weren’t wrong.


GBAGA! GBO GBA! That very night we were awoken by the sounds of what should be people scampering for their lives at about 2 am. The screaming was accompanied by the skrrrrrskrrrr of the sharp machetes scraping the floor of the roads while windshields of the cars parked on the streets were shattered. I ran to mother and I saw in her eyes that she….. read the rest Here

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