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Jidenna Crowd funded 3,000 USD for his trip to Nigeria for his father’s burial


Can you all Recall Jidennas interview with VLad where he said he had to import AK47’S  for his father’s burial , the popular interview that made nigerians call him out on social media where he said that in order to protect himself during his dad’s burial in 2010, he had to bring a lot of AK47s and employed military officials  because in Nigeria, light skinned people are targeted by kidnappers.
Well , the Nigerian American Singer forgot to add that he crowdfunded for funds to even enable him come back home.

Below is an article from 2010 on Fear & Fancy, a social club that began in California 2006 and has Jidenna as one of her founding members, where Jidenna’s team wrote a passionate appeal asking for funds. Read the letter after the cut.



Dear friends, 

On February 18, 2010, Chief Oliver Udemmadu Ogbonnia Mobisson, Jidenna’s father, made the transition from life to death. While he had been battling several health issues, his death still came as quite a shock to us all. Jidenna has since returned home to Boston to be with his family. 

The death of a father and husband is something no one can ever prepare for, and the death of a chief in the Igbo culture, of which the Mobissons are a part, entails many specific responsibilities, trips, and ceremonies. In the coming weeks, Jidenna and his family will be taking on all of these responsibilities, trips and ceremonies, with little time and funding.

They have valiantly assumed these duties in the face of their grief, but are still in great need of help from each and every one of us in order to do all that must be done. It is imperative that we rise to the occasion, as they have, and offer more than our condolences. There are very specific needs that must be addressed, all of which with we can help. 

How You Can HelpThe family must travel to Nigeria to bury Professor Mobisson in his village of chieftaincy. Jidenna needs to personally raise $3,000 in order to cover his airfare and accommodations for this trip. Any funds that you can allocate to this end would be most helpful and most appreciated at this time. In order to meet their needs, the family is requesting such resources by April 1st. For more information, please visit
Other Ways to HelpIf you cannot afford to give monetarily at this time, there are many other ways you can help. Another pressing need of both Jidenna and Fear & Fancy is production. Jidenna is one of our main producers for the EP/LP project that we have been working on for the past 4-5 months. Of course, given his current situation, he will not be able to produce for an extended period of time. Therefore, we are looking for anyone who produces to send us production so that we (Jidenna included) can continue our careers. 

Jidenna has stressed to us his need to continue to write and hear new music not only for the project, but also for his emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Music has always helped Jidenna to express, cope with, and find creativity in the challenges he faces in life, and now is certainly no exception. Please send any production to along with your name and contact information so that we can thank you personally. 

If you have received this email, and have read this far, it is because you have some connection to Jidenna and the Mobisson family and have no doubt been blessed, as we have, by their love, friendship, and support. Their loss has given us all a wonderful opportunity to give back and show our appreciation to them. Thank you for your time, prayers, and gifts in advance. 

Fear & Fancy

Wow Oh Wow

Lynxxx goes on dreads


Nigerian Rapper and singer , lynxxx rocked dreads to Coscharis son’s wedding today

Serena Williams wins 6th Wimbledon , 21st grand slam title (photos)

World star champion tennis player Serena Williams is the 2015 Wimbledon Champion! She beat Garbine Muguruza to claim the Wimbledon crown. This means 4 slams in a row for the number 1 female tennis star and her 21st Grand Slam title in total. What an achievement! Congratulations


Happy New Year lovelies


2015 our year of unlimited blessings

If I begin to count my blessings, then this post would go on and on. Dear Lord I am thankful for everything , the good , the bad and the ugly , 2014 was a good and bad year but 2015 is already a wonderful year. Words can’t explain my 2014, I loved , I lost, I was at my highest and I was also at my lowest. I laughed like I have never laughed before and I cried like there was no tomorrow . 2014 was indeed a year that I would look back at in 10 years and say Wow how did I survive it , where my strength came from God alone knows . Into my 2015 I decree unlimited Favour, increase financially , mentally , spiritually and physically , 2015 would be that year of breakthrough. It’s already started , I’m already a winner, I can’t show appreciation to everybody , but you know yourselves, to the lovers and to the haters , thank you because you made me better and stronger, GOD is indeed too wonderful , words can’t describe his awesomeness, he’s a wonderful ever loving father and I glorify his name all the days of my life . Father God you would bestow on me grace that surpasses all human understanding . This year is my year of love , protection, guidance , increase , financial breakthrough, great opportunities,happiness and yes that new car. The favour of God shall speak for me wherever my name is mentioned , May people fall over themselves to help me , 2014 was a lesson. 2015 would be an awesome year for each and every one of us in Jesus name .


So Christmas is just a few days away, to show my appreciation to my loyal blog readers, I’ll be giving out a pair of brand new US10 (EU 41)shoes and a box of delicious cupcakes . Here are instructions on how to participate and win .

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