GIRL POST #9 – Leopard Print Nails

You Will Need

•Liquid Eyeliner
•3-4 Different colours of Nail polish
•Nail Polish Remover

1 So you start of with a base coat , then the 1st coat of your choice( I used white)

2 And for the black parts i used my liquid eye-liner, what was something new for me, because I usually use my black thin nail-polish, but this time I tried this 🙂

3 So, u colour the base in any colour u want.

4 Put on round dots, in my case they are not very round, but it because it’s my left hand, and my hands were shaking .

5 And now just start applying eye liner 🙂
But before you put on the top coat, remember to let them dry and don’t press the nail polish hard, or the eye-liner will get dirty >:):D

6 So there u have it- leopard nails 🙂


You Will Need:
Base color — Orly ‘Luxe’
Spot color — Wet n Wild ‘Craze’
Outline + Details — Revlon ‘Knockout’
Top Coat
A paper plate
Toothpicks with the points snipped off (use scissors)
Cotton pads presoaked in nail polish remover (to clean toothpicks if needed)

Step 1. Apply Neutral Polish
Apply two coats of base color to clean nails. Let dry 5 minutes between each coat to avoid smudging when applying spots.
 A good way to know if your polish is completely dry is by lightly tapping your thumbs together (polish to polish). If there is any tackiness, the polish isn’t dry. If not, you’re ready to apply spots! 

Step 2. Apply Irregular Spots
Using the nail polish brush, apply a small pool of polish to the paper plate. Think of this as your palette.
 . Using one end of the toothpick (remember, the point should have already been removed with scissors) paint irregular spots (both in size and shape) on each nail. Don’t be scared to let some spots come all the way to the nail edge.
Tip: Should you notice the toothpick tip becoming gooey, clean off excess nail polish with a pre-soaked cotton pad.

Or … Apply to Only One Nail

If all over leopard is too wild, apply to only one finger for a more subtle rendition.

Step 3. Outline in Black
Pour a small pool of black on the paper plate, using the nail polish brush. With a clean toothpick, apply a messy outline partially around each spot. If desired, fill in empty space with additional black dots. 

Step 4. Repeat

Repeat on all fingers until completed.

Step 5. Apply Top Coat

Apply a top coat to preserve the length of your manicure. I suggest also applying a thin layer to the nail edge to help prevent early chipping.

Yours Truly,
Precious Amah x


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